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Well: two years from now (by October 2006) I predict/hope that the following will have happened:

  • Wikipedia will have grown in reputation and size to be a serious source of information for the average websurfer. We're talking Wikipedia as a household name.
  • All the Wikimedia projects will have a common login/username.
  • Wikisource (my second favorite Wikimedia project) will either have:
a) grown along with Wikipedia to become a large repository of texts, nearing the number of documents, if not the reputation of, Project Gutenberg; or
b) completely died out, Nupedia-style.
Too early to tell which scenario will take place, but I (optimistically) lean towards the first
  • Open-source software will have continued to grow; although Microsoft will still hold the vast majority of Operating Systems under its evil sway, its market share will continually be decreasing. More and more non-geeks will be using Linux (or one of the BSD's), and Firefox (or whatever its called then) will be seriously competing with IE.
  • If Bush is reelected, by then the world may not exist anymore.
  • The Red Sox will continue their World Series drought (they might make it to the Fall Classic, but no win)

As the title of this page suggests, this is a bit of a time capsule for me to look back on after two years of no internet (no access to the internet, of course, will be the least of my worries). In two years it may look stupid or prescient, who knows. I'll count up how many I got right when I get back. Some of these predictions are pretty optimistic, but so am I, so get working on making (the good ones) come true. Here's hoping for the best...

biggins | talk 17:27, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC)