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User:Michael Sidlofsky

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Location: Toronto, Canada

Profession: Pharmaceutical librarian

Education: Master of Arts, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies, Brandeis University, 1997 (Specialization: Jewish Philosophy and Thought). Master of Information Studies, University of Toronto, 2000 (Specialization: Library and Information Science).

Interests: Judaism, comparative religion, mysticism, magic (as researcher, not practitioner!), library science.

Why I use my real name: I believe in accountability for what one writes or edits. We librarians, in teaching others how to evaluate electronic information sources, always stress the issue of authority. Who is the author? What qualifications does the author have to write on a given subject (education, professional experience)? As I only write or edit articles on subjects I know well, and hold myself to strict standards of accuracy, comprehensiveness, and objectivity, I have no problem with others knowing who I am.