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Hi, I'm Kef Schecter.

If you edit Wikipedia, please review my list of common punctuation errors. As of this writing I have well over 20,000 edits on Wikipedia and I bet that well over half of them are fixing punctuation.

All my edits are placed under CC0.

Potential conflicts of interest[edit]

I was a developer at Island Officials and have worked on the game Hands On! Tangrams. As a result, I try to keep my involvement with these articles to a minimum.

Wiki stuff[edit]

On Wikipedia I usually lurk, fix typos/grammar/markup, create redirects, and post on talk pages. Rarely do I heavily revise an article or start a new one. I guess that makes me an unsung zero. ;) For a brief time, while I was being voted on for sysop, I plotted global domination, but when I actually got my powers, I decided against it.

But most of all I end up correcting typographical errors. See /Wiki stuff that bugs me.

My wikibooks are mostly abandoned efforts. They require more dedication than I am willing to put into them; in each case I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Usually the ball rolls a little and stops dead once it gets down the hill, but at least I tried.

Toy wikis[edit]

These are little wikis I have created.

Old wikis[edit]

These are wikis that I have little to do with anymore.

Non-wiki stuff[edit]

  • Kef's Internets, my website. Some parts may be NSFW, but you won't stumble upon any naughty pictures without warning.
  • My LiveJournal, which is here (warning: may include strong views, strong language, and weak reasoning)



The 'furry' part of my handle refers to the fact I am a so-called furry. Despite everything you are likely to have ever heard about furries, many are quite normal people. I think.

Well, I'm not normal, but I'm not abnormal in that way, y'knowwhatImean?

And no, I don't consider furry to be a sexual fetish, although it would be folly to deny that there are other furries who see it as such.


Drawing, composing/arranging music, playing the guitar, designing computer games, programming, playing poker, learning languages, writing.

Programming languages[edit]

Usually I write in Python, on the web I often use PHP, and when I have to I use C++. I am also able to use other languages like Java, Ruby, and even assembly, but I rarely need to and therefore rarely do.

- Kef